Is There a Mass-Shooter Personality?

  BY JOHN M. OLDHAM, MD Our country has been reeling from report after report of mass shootings resulting in tragic injuries and loss of lives. The scope of this savage behavioral epidemic is huge.  What’s more, it is solidly entangled in the politically polarized climate gripping our nation. Since this website is about personality, […]

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Podcast: Make sense of your personality style

BY THE NPSP25 TEAM To make sense of your personality style, have we got a podcast for you!  You’ll find out what the NPSP25 is, its research roots, and what it can do for you, your family, and your team. Take a listen or read the transcript here. Produced by ResearchPod, which connects science research […]

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What’s Your Pet’s Personality Style?

  BY JOHN M. OLDHAM, MD, & LOIS B. MORRIS Anybody who has a pet knows that each one has its own personality style.  Maybe you have, say, two cocker spaniels. They’re bred to be alike in temperament. So how come one resists training while the other seems to anticipate your every desire? And cats! […]

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The Character Test

  • January 21, 2022
  • News

BY JOHN M. OLDHAM, MD Is there a test for good character?  Read on. Questionable moral character? Much has been written in recent weeks about the “Djokovic drama.”  Australian federal court upheld  the immigration minister’s decision  to cancel  tennis superstar, Novak Djokovic’s visa.  Ranked number one in the world, Djokovic had to depart the country […]

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Can you forgive? Let Desmond Tutu help you

BY JOHN M. OLDHAM, MD As we enter a new year, let’s hope it’s  a better one.  Who’s to blame?  Can we forgive? Filled with calamities, 2021 should not be hard to beat, but who knows?  Hard to see much light at the end of the pandemic tunnel or the climate tunnel, or to see […]

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Trust and treatment of borderline personality disorder

BY JOHN M. OLDHAM, MD “Trust is key in treating borderline personality disorder.”  That’s the title of the front-page report in the October, 2021 issue of Clinical Psychiatry News, in which I offer my own thoughts and professional experiences. In the language of NPSP25, anyone with a predominantly Mercurial style may be on a continuum […]

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Are You a Cat Person or a Dog Person?

BY JOHN M. OLDHAM, MD Do cat people and dog people have distinctly different personality styles?   There’s a lot of opinion out there about this—there’s even a Wikipedia site called “Cat people and dog people.”  Then there’s our much-viewed blog from early 2019, “Are You a Cat Person?” I’ve been mulling this over since last […]

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