How It Works

The NPSP25 showcases the wide range of personality styles that combine to create each individual’s complex personality profile. It is based on the scientific system used by mental health professionals worldwide to diagnose personality disorders. Developed by one of the world’s leading medical experts in personality pathology, the NPSP25 reveals the rich pattern of non-pathological personality styles that makes each of us unique.

Group Self-Portrait

This feature allows you to compare your results with another person’s results and to visualize both on the same graph. Decide who you want to ask—friend, spouse, family member, boss or manager, coworker—your choice, as long as the selected person has also taken NPSP25 and provides an okay to share results on the permission email that we will send. You can purchase a gift test on the Registration page.Screen Shot at October 25th 2019 - 7.28.24 am.png

At a glance, you can see how alike–or not–the two of you are on each of the 14 personality styles.  There’s no right or wrong here.   Sometimes “great minds think alike” and sometimes “opposites attract.” But it provides insight and guidance about how best to understand and relate to each other.

For additional instructions, see Suggestions for Couples and Groups text that appears above your Self-Portrait graph.  For the stories of couples or teams who have charted their combined graphs, click on Sample Profiles.

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