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The Meyers-Briggs vs. the New Personality Self-Portrait

  BY JOHN M. OLDHAM, MD & LOIS B. MORRIS Given the success of the Meyers-Briggs Type Inventory (MBTI), why does the world need another personality test? A recent obituary got us thinking about the MBTI versus the New Personality Self-Portrait (NPSP25). “People-sorting” The New York Times periodically runs “Overlooked,” a series of obituaries about […]

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Greatest Baseball Personalities

  BY JOHN M. OLDHAM, MD I’m more a fan of baseball personalities than I am of baseball.  And in this pandemic-delayed season, I’ve had plenty of time to indulge my favorite pastime, mapping personality styles. A short while ago on this blog site, I displayed the actual Personality Self-Portrait of the late catcher and […]

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