“Mind Dive” for Personality

John M Oldham MD

One of the most rewarding privileges I’ve had in my career was to serve as Chief of Staff at the Menninger Clinic, the private teaching hospital of the Menninger Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Baylor College of Medicine.  After retiring from that role in 2020, I continue to serve as Senior Consultant.  My talented successor as Chief of Staff, Robert Boland MD, teamed up with a clinical psychologist (also talented!), Kerry Horrell PhD, to create a podcast series they call “Mind Dive.”  The episodes are about 30 minutes long each, consisting of informal conversations among Boland and Horrell and selected experts in mental health.  I was pleased to be invited to participate, to talk about personality styles and personality disorders, and that podcast, Episode 29, is now posted on the Menninger website (https://www.menningerclinic.org/for-clinicians/mind-dive-podcast).  If you’re interested in taking the NPSP25 Self-Portrait Test on our home website, npsp25.com, the Menninger site above provides a code that will enable you to do so at half-price.  Enjoy!